Libra Trust AG is the business partner you need if you want to receive excellent service. We are keen on overcoming all the challenges of the ever-changing business environment to provide a wide range of legal services. We are specialized in providing legal assistance to entrepreneurs, companies and other legal entities interested in doing business in Switzerland. Our services include various services from the area of commercial law, tort law, corporate law and incorporation procedures.

Our team of experts from various fields and the partners that we often work with to meet all of the clients’ demands share the same values: innovation, teamwork, respect, transparency and open communication. Each client has specific needs; therefore we understand how important it is to offer personalized, flexible services, adapted to the specifics of the business purposes and industries they activate in.

The main goal of Libra Trust AG is to help entrepreneurs and businesses alike to focus on their development, growth, and expansion, instead of dealing with all the hassles that inevitably come with the territory in terms of legal requirements.

Working with clients from several industries over the years recommends us as one of the best corporate service providers you could hope for. We are dedicated towards our mission, always seeking to act only in the best interests of our clients, being willing to go the extra mile to find the best solutions for their needs.

If you want to work with a partner that always puts your best interests first, delivers on time and is dedicated to offering the best possible service, Libra Trust AG is your one-stop-shop for all your corporate service needs.


International presence

Our team consists of seasoned experts and partners that are experienced in working with local and international clients.

Diverse industries

We have successfully worked with a wide range of clients activating in different industry sectors, which makes us capable of adapting accordingly.

Custom services

We know that each client has different needs in terms of corporate services, therefore we are flexible and open to creating personalized offers.


The managerial team of Libra Trust AG consists of experts who have the necessary knowledge and experience working with clients activating in various business sectors. We are open to collaborating with our clients, to maintain constant communication, to build long-lasting business relationships and to ensure clients’ satisfaction by finding efficient and optimal solutions for the most demanding requirements.