We provide legal assistance and consultancy services for clients who have to deal with the credit recovering process, in amicable settlements, as well as in-depth financial analysis for credit recovery matters.

Sending out formal letters in an attempt to dispute the terms of a credit report or to collect credit debts is not enough. The credit recovering procedure is out in order to determine the debtors to pay their debts to the client with interest, increases, and penalties, and to monitor the fulfillment of the payment obligations. The credit recovering procedure is composed of the extra-judicial amicable phase and the judicial phase.

Our credit recovering services include consultancy and legal assistance for credit recovering procedures by using all available legal means under the Swiss legislation. If, as a result of these procedures, the debtor does not respond positively to our requests, we will initiate the litigation procedure to recover the debt by summoning the debtor, followed by his forced execution, also by filing complaints and bankruptcy proceedings.

The main goal of our actions regarding credit recovering procedures is to recover debts as fast as possible and in the best conditions while preserving amicable relationships between the debtor and the collector. To achieve this, we use diplomacy throughout the entire course of action.

When it comes to credit recovering, we know how important it is to approach each case individually and to consider all legal aspects related to it. Thus, we offer personalized solutions, using all legal means provided by the Swiss law. In addition, we provide legal consultancy for amicable settlements, representation before a court or other competent authorities, financial analysis and legal consultancy in post-trial actions related to credit recovering procedures.