Working with Libra Trust, you will be able to obtain a license from a Self-Regulatory Organization in Switzerland or to register a company with a Self-Regulatory Organization, which is mandatory for certain companies operating in the finance sector.

Financial intermediaries in Switzerland, who also operate on a commercial basis, must obtain a license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority as directly subordinated financial intermediaries or become members of SROs that are officially recognized by FINMA.

We facilitate financial intermediaries operating in Switzerland to obtain a license or to register with an officially recognized SRO via membership:

  • Registration with a Self-Regulatory Organization;
  • Obtaining a license from a Self-Regulatory Organization;
  • Ensuring single or dual supervision.

We know how important it is for financial intermediaries to comply with FINMA regulations; therefore we make sure that we provide our clients with all the legal support in meeting the requirements as outlined in the FINMA regulations. SROs define due diligence requirements according to the Anti-Money Laundering Act and act as monitors and supervisors for the activities of their affiliated financial intermediaries. In other words, registering with a recognized SRO is of vital importance for certain companies and other legal entities that operate on the Swiss financial market. The SROs also establish controls to ensure that their affiliates are meeting their obligations, as established by the legislation in order.

Libra Trust will facilitate the registration process with officially recognized SROs in Switzerland. FINMA recognizes SROs only if they have a set of regulations established under the due diligence requirements set out by the Anti-Money Laundering Act, if it can monitor their compliance with this regulations and if it ensures that auditors and other persons that have the obligation to implement these controls meet certain requirements. The said requirements aim proper business conduct, being independent and having appropriate qualifications. SROs must report any organizational changes directly to FINMA. If a SRO no longer meets the requirements to be recognized officially by FINMA, it may not only receive warnings, but their recognition may be withdrawn. This is the reason why it’s important to carefully assess a Self-Regulatory Organization before applying for registration. Otherwise, the registration with such a SRO may damage your business instead of helping you consolidate it and establish a strong presence in Switzerland.