Libra Trust AG is specialized in company incorporation in Switzerland. Our team is able to handle all the necessary paperwork and other processes regarding company formation in a relatively quick period of time, depending on the availability of the documentation required by Swiss legislation.

Our company formation services are directed toward entrepreneurs interested in establishing a company in Switzerland, in order to eliminate as much of the bureaucratic hurdles that they have to face.

Working with Libra Trust AG, we will help you choose the most suitable business structure for the intended business purposes and activities conducted in Switzerland or in foreign jurisdictions.

  • Swiss corporation;
  • Swiss GmbH;
  • Swiss Verein;
  • Swiss holding company;
  • Sole proprietorship;
  • Management company;
  • Mixed company;
  • Partnerships.

As we always have the best interest of our clients in mind, we help you choose the most suitable legal form for your company, as well as providing you with the necessary support to fulfill legal requirements to incorporate in Switzerland. This includes helping you set up a registered office in Switzerland, providing company directors and secretaries on demand and act as legal representatives of the company in front of Swiss authorities.

Due to the fact that Switzerland has a federal structure, the fiscal system is not centralized, thus federal authorities being the only ones that can perceive certain taxes. The tax levied at the federal level has a fixed rate, but the tax levied at the cantonal level varies, depending on the taxation system established by each Swiss canton. Because of this variation in tax rates, it is recommended to carefully choose Swiss cantons with significantly lower tax rates when deciding to incorporate in Switzerland. Our experts will help you choose the best location for your company.