Our team provides a wide range of immigration services for persons interested in living and working in Switzerland, or for Swiss companies who wish to employ foreign workers.

We make sure that the clients who choose us will have all the necessary support for a successful new start. We offer advantageous solutions for obtaining the necessary documents for any foreign citizen for legal stay and carrying out activities in the territory of Switzerland. Our services are designed to facilitate integration and are also intended for family members of foreign citizens relocated to our Switzerland.

Our clients will benefit from the following activities included in the range of immigration services:

  • Initial analysis and evaluation of the documentation to determine which type of residence permit is appropriate;
  • Assistance in obtaining a Swiss residence permit;
  • Analyzing the specific immigration needs of family members of persons employed in Switzerland;
  • Support for obtaining permanent residence and Swiss citizenship;
  • Support for maintaining relationships with relevant institutions and authorities.

The know-how we have accumulated in our years of experience helps us reduce the time of initial analysis and evaluation of the documentation. Any client who benefits from our services will be informed from the outset about the options a foreign citizen has to obtain temporary or permanent residence rights in Switzerland.

We believe that, through the confidentiality that we guarantee to those who choose to collaborate with us, we have succeeded in imposing ourselves as professionals in the field of immigration services. Because we are aware that clients can exchange confidential information during the process, each party assumes that it will not distribute the information it receives to third parties. This practice guarantees that the circulation of information will be limited to the parties that are directly involved in the business contract.